I have done tons and tons of illustrations during my life. I really have no idea of how many, maby millions. This web site just represent a few of them. I draw when I`m happy, bored, sad and inspired. Usually i draw on what ever paper I find and with a black simple pen.


Some of my illustrations have become puppets. I have built one puppet myself, but for the animations, i have collaborated with Chiara Benetti Markel.

Set design

I work with set design, and my favourite group is Rabarbrateateret, situated in the heart of Trondheim, Bakklandet. This ship wreck is drawn by me, for The 12th night by Shakespear, and built by Even Fagerli.

“I have no idea how many millions of drawings I have done during my life. I draw when I`m happy, sad, bored or inspired”

Marie Steen Löwendahl

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Marie Steen Löwendahl – Illustrator and set designer

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